Why we need home additions or extension

Addition to Back of House Toronto

Walking back home after a long tiring day is the best retreat that you can have in the world. People love their home as it lets them have some relishing time where they can unwind and loosen down their worries and tensions. If you are someone in love with your home, then probably you may also have the idea of a home extension in your mind. A home addition in Toronto is all that you may need to enhance on the ambiance of your house and maximizing on the space. So if you are someone thinking about why people opt for home extensions, then here are some real reasons explained:

Add on space

First things first, people tend to opt for Room extensions in Toronto to add on more space to their house. With the technologies and world growing day by day, luggage and belongings are also increasing at the same pace. TV, fridge, computers, luxurious items, decors, there are a lot many things that occupy space in your home and thus requires one to have some additional space to keep things well placed. Thus there arises a need for some extra space to add value to the home by keeping things arranged adequately. Not only does it work on the arrangement and tidying aspect but also adds a luxurious touch to the house.

For growing family

At the start, you may have the notion that the living space is enough to meet the needs and requirements of the family members. But as the kids grow up, there may be changes to your viewpoint. As your kids turn towards the adulthood, they may require their own space and their demands may also increase with their growing age and thus again arises the need for Home extensions or room addition to back of the house in Toronto to meet the demands of your children.

For alleviated home aesthetics

Not only is Home Additions in Toronto a way to maximize the space you are living in but also increase the ambience and grandeur of your home. A master bedroom, a bigger living room is few instincts that you may have in mind that may make your home look luxurious and royal. So it is always nit the need but a desire that one may have in mind to fall in love with their home to opt for home extensions. Home extensions can make your home count high on the aesthetics meter scale and increase the value of your home sweet home.

Home renovations

If you do not like the current aura and décor of your house, then renovation is an ideal way to get things of your choice. Renovation is again a call for home extensions. May it be second floor additions in Toronto or room extension; renovation work is also a signal for the contractors to work the magic of home extensions to create additional living spaces for the family members.

Feng Shui facts

It is not only about the needs and requirements but also about the positive and negative energies. Many times people tend to construct homes that are not in accordance with the Feng Shui facts. Thus again, there arises a need for opting home extensions and renovations to bring in the positive energies inside. Adding on extensions to your home affects the shape and size of your house, which can be a helping step in making your house stick to the Feng Shui rules. Building your home right can bring in the missing energies and remove the bad omen from your home and make your house sparkling energetic. Thus home extensions are a way out to influence the energies surrounding your home.

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Best & Affordable Basement Renovation Methods

Addition to Back of House Toronto

Basements are places that are usually overlooked and are not given much attention in comparison to the living spaces of the house. Thus they become so vulnerable to cracks, crevices, and moisture which may hamper the aesthetics and construction of the house. All thanks to the renovation experts and a new type of materials that can save your house from deteriorating and can find new ways of adding value not only to your home but the basements as well. So if you are someone planning out for some home improvement in Toronto, here is how you can finish off with your basement renovation works effectively:

Look for cracks and crevices

The very first thing to start off with basement renovation is finding out the faults. You need to carefully inspect your basement walls for cracks and crevices for getting it fixed. Once your inspection process is over, you can call in for the professional renovation company in Toronto for getting the things mended by giving them an outline on the places and areas where you need repairing and reinforcing.

Adding subfloors

Expert renovation contractors in Toronto suggest that adding on subfloors to your basements is one of the best methods for renovation. These subfloors are a way to design some warm and comfy places to live. A wooden subfloor is all that you may love to have, for some comfortable flooring idea in your home. These wooden floors are easy to install and provides excellent insulation, as well. But make sure that you are not directly installing it on top of the concrete basement slabs and you use breathable materials to maintain the air circulation and ventilation criteria.


Drywalls are always good to have, but it may deem to be a costly affair. So if you are on a strict budget for basement renovation in Toronto, then you can opt for drop ceilings which are less expensive in comparison to the drywall. You can also move further by doing it yourself or call for the professionals from a Toronto renovation company to help you out with the renovation tasks. Painting the ceilings can also help in improving the aesthetics and give your ceilings a fresh look concealing the faults and cracks on the same.


Décor and furnishing is something that you may be excited about to implement in your basement to add the personalized touch to your space. Creativity and grandeur are not just mean for your living rooms and bedrooms. You can also add a pinch of creativity and artwork to your basements. You can have a sample number of ways to use the creativity of your hands to treat your basements right. May it be color splashes and paints or some décor accentuate on the looks, creativity can go a long way to get your unused corners explicit some liveliness. Rugs, fabrics, drapes can all work well to reclaim the looks of your basement.

Designer basement

If you are keen on basement renovation in Toronto, then a designer basement is one of the best hacks for remodeling. You can consider taking help from the renovation contractors in Toronto to get you a rough draft or sketch to design your basement. A sketch can let you have a vision of the home improvement task and give ideas on the ways and methods to model things that can fit right for the renovation.


Plumbing is another aspect that you cannot skip if you plan to get your basements renovated. Look for any leakage or broken pipes and fittings that may cause hindrance for a proper functional basement.

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Best Home Renovation Tips to Increase House Value

Getting new items and placing it won’t necessarily increase the value of your home. People are catching up renovating their houses as it’s an extreme way to acquire parity and it offers a chance to modify the space. Anything ranging from adding a cabinet to changing the color of the room may alter the appearance, but the right modification will upsurge its value so much.

Before beginning with any work wrap up and decide your plan, rather than planning it only as and when required. The renovation process will be hassle-free without continuous time limits to finalize on things or gathering resource from time to time. Before you proceed with the renovation process, try to take some time to discuss the plan and intentions with your family and then finalize things at one point. This will considerably save a lot of time and money, and pointedly decrease anxiety levels all through the project. When listing down your stipulations or sketching your plans, never accept that somebody else will distinguish what you need unless you openly say it. Take account of every minute aspect, no matter how particular it may appear. In addition to evading faults, it also avoids any arguments over the items in the contract. Look for options like kitchen design Toronto, kitchen renovation Toronto; second floor additions Toronto, basement renovation Toronto services that can assist you attain your objectives effectively.

Current renovation-related tasks include:
• Fixtures
• Electrical system upgrade
• Automation
• Renovating the kitchen, etc.

Basement Renovations Toronto

Lighting systems: You always have the choice to make stable light alterations or add to lamps all over a room. Lower light setting is presently familiar and considered a standard, ongoing look, even though pathway lighting, which is currently disregarded as it looks outdated.

Kitchen Renovation Toronto

Kitchen: Purchasers of all categories have consistently looked for the kitchen space, as it holds specific influence over the latest upsurge of renovation. A “contemporary/efficient kitchen” surpassed the list of ultimate home structures in recent surveys, being the most preferred by most of the people. If you are in the idea of selling your home, don’t ignore the kitchen space as they can significantly upsurge the worth of your asset.

Addition to Back of House Toronto

Doors: Why not upgrade your door to the latest contemporary design? Yes, doors are yet another set of features in a home that can be easily modified. Each type of entry gives a specific kind of look to the house. And of all this hardware is easy to fix and remove one.

Condo Renovation Toronto

Bathroom: Yet another most main part of the house that most buyers might be interested in is the Bathroom. Restrooms are frequently an obvious target for revamps as they upsurge the worth straightforwardly without demanding much costs. Merely spring-cleaning the area or upgrading it with a new coat of semi-polish will make space look great.

Home Improvement Contractors Toronto

Color: Colors make the living space attractive. So it is a good option to upgrade your house by re-painting it with most vibrant colors. Modernize your timeworn floors with dark colors. You can decorate your front entrance with some popping colors. You can also bring in some fresh, multicolor carpet to pervade some existence into your visitor room. Color styles vary yearly and every month, and they are luckily stress-free to apply and change out in space.

There are lots of many options available which you can choose smartly to upgrade your home and increase the value considerably. Whatever may be the age of the property, if it correctly maintained and suits the latest trends, then people will look forward to buying it. If the resell worth is the sole motive, it’s a worthy notion to follow a few recommendations for every area of your house for renovation.

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Affordable and smarter Home improvements & Designing tips

Having an elegant and candid looking home is just like a dream that only a few manage to accomplish. There are many who buy themselves a dream home but fail on the maintenance aspect. A well maintained home is all that can give a soothing and refreshing feel to everyone who steps in the house. But for this one has to be very particular about the cleanliness and interiors. So if you are someone planning out for home improvement, then here are few quick tips that you can consider for a budgeted home renovation affair.

Pop Colors
Addition to Back of House Toronto

Yes, colors do matter and serve as a contouring hack to maximize small spaces for room extension Toronto. It gives your home a well-defined look, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot try something new on your walls. Do not stray yourselves from experimenting with pop and fluorescent colors on your walls. We are not telling you to paint all the four walls in gaudy, but yes, of course, you can try out the one wall concept. One wall painted in a bright color can serve as an apt place to showcase all your picture frames and art pieces.

Room Design for your Teenage Daughter
Lighting with a difference

Lights also play a vital role in defining the looks of your house. If you are planning for condo renovation Toronto, do not just gush for improving on the aesthetics but working on simple things as well. Simple things can also bring in a lot of changes, for instance working on the lighting part of your house can bring in unexpected results. Chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, there are a lot many options that you can try out to bring a high end definition for your home.

Addition to Back of House Toronto
Bringing the nature inside

Bringing the outside inside is also a great way to enhance your surroundings. Plants and trees are mostly an addition to back of the house Toronto but bringing it inside is the new game. Designating space for plants not only adds lush and vibrancy to your rooms but also keeps the natural breeze getting in filling your house with freshness. Go green is the code and showing your instincts of being a nature lover in your living rooms is always a good idea to customize your home with liveliness.

Room Design for your Teenage Daughter
Glass windows

Moving ahead of lighting large glass windows can also bring in light and life to your house if you are keen on home renovation Toronto. These windows not only bring the cozy sunshine in your home but are also current days’ style statement to give your paradise a royal touch-up. Sliding full-length windows are appealing and add a pinch of the vibrant chime to your art gallery like home.

Addition to Back of House Toronto
Affordable Furniture

You do not have to bring in the classy sofa set that you saw in the movie last night you can also go in for the affordable furniture’s to add elegance to your living rooms. For this, you can conduct a quick survey to check out the prices at various stores, or you can also consider seeking help from a home improvement contractor Toronto who can not only help you in designing your paradise but can also search you good deals and discounts making use of his/ her contacts. Also, take note that you choose furniture’s matching the décor and colour of your rooms for the candid look.

So from your basement to your living rooms, aesthetics is a must that needs to be taken care off or a beautiful home. Consider hiring a home improvement contractor Toronto who can assist in your home improvement hacks and get your imaginations and ideas on the floor with a well-designed home.

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How can you Create Extra Space in Your Current House

Special Designs Exclusive for a Doctor’s OfficeThere is no denying the fact that we all love to have some extra space in our house. More the space, the better it is. Whether it is your room, car or the house, we always look to make it most spacious. Most people don’t know that even if your house isn’t a big one, you can still make it spacious. How can you do that? This article would help you find ways to create extra space in your current house.

The main issue people face while making space in house is to ensure that all the clothing, accessories, house hold items, furniture and shoes have enough space for them and still look appropriate. The cost of big homes can be very expensive and thus getting a larger space can be out of our budget. By optimizing the space in your house you can make your existing place look bigger and create enough space so that you won’t need to look for another house. Let us have a look at ways to create more space!

Here are 7 ways to make a home look more spacious and also create more space for your household goods and items.

1. Mirrors

As per the experts, placing mirrors can make any space look slightly larger and brighter too. So If not already done, then by adding mirror you can brighten up your house and save on your electricity bill too. Mirrors give house a brighter appearance by flooding your home with natural light.

2. Furniture

It is the right size of furniture that adds more space to your room. Don’t go for heavier furniture if you do not have enough space. If you have plans to buy or replace the furniture anytime soon then keep this advice in mind. And buy furniture with have storage space built in them.

3. Storage

Leverage the space of your furniture or other storage places for storage purpose as well, by doing that you can create more space for your room. You can also add more space by doing some home additions, contractors in Toronto can help you with home additions in Toronto like second floor additions and addition to back of house in Toronto.

4. Modify Purposes of Your Rooms

Using the room wisely can also help in space management. Think of ideas to maximize the use of space for multiple purposes such as work, leisure or playing. Experts recommend keeping multiple purpose furniture or items that can be used for multiple works. You might have seen the sofa that converts to bed or the table that vanishes under the chair, maximize use of this kind of furniture for optimum space management. If still you need more rooms you can go for second floor addition or addition to back of house in Toronto.

5. Hide that Extra Clothing

We all know it can always be very tough to fit in all your clothing and accessories into your shelves, wardrobe and closets all the time, experts recommend utilizing storage space of other furniture for all your out of season clothing, you can use your bed’s storage to keep it there. Keep folded clothing in high hanging shelves or deep shelves.

6. Bathroom

Taking care of your bathroom is the most important thing. If it is clean and tidy at all times, you would feel good. Anyone visiting your house would be happy and impressed with the cleanliness. You know why is it important? Because, the first thing anyone notices is your bathroom. Add some freshness and soothing fragrances to it. Adding mirror in bathroom works its wonders too. Contactors in Toronto can provide you some great bathroom renovation ideas to get spacious bathroom with minimum work.

7. Play with Light

Light can add that extra spark to you room and can make it look larger than it actually is. Contractors in Toronto focus on home designs that maximize use of natural lights to get your house fresh and healthy environment. Keep curtains and windows clean to maximize light reflection and make house hygienic. There is also a growing interest in people for addition to back of house and second floor addition in Toronto to make house spacious and get maximum natural light.

As you can get from these point managing space is not as hard it seems at first, most things you can do by yourself for some you might need contractors in Toronto, like second floor addition, bathroom renovation or addition to back of house in Toronto. Monterrey Design Build is one of most trusted contactors in Toronto since 2001 for best renovation and remodeling services. Contact today to get most from your house today.

5 Strategies to Get Your Dream Kitchen Design

Special Designs Exclusive for a Doctor’s OfficeWhat sets a mere beautiful looking home apart from beautiful and healthy home is its kitchen design and interior. The challenge arises when you want to make your kitchen look beautiful, modern and healthy at the same time. Most of the times when you remodel or redesign kitchen by yourself you may lag behind in either looks or usability, and it is understandable as you are not an expert in kitchen design. But don’t worry! We are here to help you with your kitchen design; together with our kitchen renovation expertise and your love for your home, we will make your kitchen design modern and healthy. We have compiled five extremely easy DIY (Do it yourself) cheat sheets that you can follow to give, the most important part of your house, your kitchen a beautiful look without much effort. These are some easy to do and highly effective practices that can transform the usability of your kitchen and keep your kitchen design modern and beautiful. So note down these points or bookmark this blog.

Let’s get to those 5 strategies to get your dream kitchen design without further ado:

Keep It Simple

Keeping kitchen design neat and simple is the timeless approach while renovating a kitchen. You do not have to spend a fortune or thousands of hours deciding what would work and what not. All you need is the best looking kitchen and you can get it by adding some dimension, color, grandeur, and simplicity. You can go with something like an all-white kitchen with a few wooden counter stools, or maybe a solitary plant leaf or anything that you find unique and something that connects with you.

Cabinet Selection

The biggest thing that affects usability and looks of your kitchen is the cabinet arrangement. It is your kitchen and you should decide the cabinet arrangement according to your convenience. Choose the right set of cabinets according to your need wall cabinets with locks are a good choice if you are worried about dishes and heirlooms falling out of cabinets, it looks clean too. Alternatively, you can opt for open shelving, if you want to keep your beautiful cookware on display and make cooking easier too. If your kitchen has good lighting, add a matte black cabinet which can swoon anyone away.

Color Selection

Right color selection is important when it comes to home improvement in Toronto. Completely black kitchen design look very sexy, trendy and modern, but they can also feel a little too sleek for hanging out every day with your family, so make it look cool by adding grey or white interior. Grey color is cool, elegant, appealing and calming, rather than dull, you can mix and match with different textures and material for some modernistic look. Don’t underestimate the power of the minimalism. The minimalist look is the new trend, not just in makeup but in home and kitchen design too. Don’t make kitchen undesirably swanky just for sake of new look.

Faucets, Handles, Valves

Choosing the right kind of faucets, handles spots in kitchen design is very important and it could be very tricky too at times. Sometimes what looks beautiful is not of good quality or other times what have high quality may not resonate with kitchen interior; you have to find a balance. If you find it difficult you can always find help of professional kitchen renovation in Toronto to get things done with the best quality. Always choose things such as spouts, valves, finishing, and handles resonating with kitchen color combination and interior design; particularly, when it comes to the valves there are various types of these in the market so choose the one that will last long and low maintenance. Choose faucets that you think will blend in perfectly with existing kitchen design perfectly.

Quality and Design

This is the most important point for stress-free kitchen design, you don’t want to invest in products that will need repair every once in a while and prone to malfunction. Go for the quality products that give you a longer warranty, easy to install and won’t look outdated in a few months. It is recommended that you should buy products from branded companies and look for the latest collection; you won’t be renovating kitchen again quickly, so invest in something long term. By doing it – you do not have to worry so much about regular service and repair. This could be a stressful task but if done successfully you will have a classy kitchen design that will last longer and keep you stress-free.

You can always find some professional help from renovation companies in Toronto if you find it too demanding and exhausting work. Monterrey Design Build has been doing kitchen renovation in Toronto since 2001 and gained trust by Torontonians for their dream projects.

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Best Design to Convert Basement to Entertainment!

When your friends visit your home, where do you usually spent time? Your room is your only place to enjoy it with your friends by chatting or playing games or watching videos, right? But didn’t you know that there are other places in your home that can give you and your friends some privacy but has complete entertainment package? Your basement is one of the best spot in your home to be converted to a much more enjoyable and bigger place to stay.

Basements are often found underground of your home. This is one of the best things about basements because your privacy is very well protected. So how do you start converting the basement? Do you need a professional architect to do it? It can be a YES and a NO. But if you want Fun, you may want to invite your friends to help you convert the basement.

First things first, you need to clean the basement and remove all unnecessary junks. Secondly, you need to be creative when it comes to designing the interior of the basement. A simple talent in painting can help a lot. You can freely express yourself through painting or drawing the walls and placing mats or carpets on the ground. It is up to you on how you would want your Best Design to Convert Basement to Entertainment!basement to appear. You can even place pictures and frames of your favorite artists and anything that you love.

Don’t forget that after you have decorated the basement, you need to arrange the sofa, tables, chairs, billiard table, television and your Xbox properly to maximize space. It’s a matter of being creative though. Check the internet for designs or you may just hire a professional to help you arrange and renovate your future entertainment room!

Relocation vs. Renovation? Decide What to Do With a Doctor’s Office In Toronto

doctors office renovation toronto

When it comes to medical office space, cramped offices ruin earning opportunities. However, this is still a common mistake among doctor owners or managers as they think about the cost of relocating or renovating their office and choose to endure inefficiency in space, low morale, and stunted revenue. Many of them think that more square footage would mean more overhead expenses, while failing to think that if they see more patients per day with the same number of staff, they will easily make up for those expenses. In fact, the doctor’s office will likely become more profitable than before. Monterrey Design Build Inc. can help you decide what to do with your doctor office space.

How We Can Help You Evaluate Your Office Space

The best thing that you can do to decide whether to choose relocation or renovation of your doctor office in Toronto. You need to study your office space, the kind of practice, the planned growth, and the possibility of taking on more medical work.

You also need to consider if you want more medical staff to expand the office. It is also important to determine whether your area of specialty is expected to receive more patients, such as the baby boomer generation that would pay more visits to the orthopedic, rheumatology, and urology. It also helps if the expansion of more rooms will mean that you can accommodate and treat more patients daily.

Depending on your specialty, you can follow a national benchmark. You need to consider how many full time physicians you have working in the office. We can help you stay current with this benchmark, too. Based on the 2010 Cost Survey for Single-Specialty Cases, urology practices use 2,189 square feet per full-time equivalent, while pediatric practices use around 1,722 square feet.

Before you decide to relocate, you should think about rearranging your things in your existing space and possibly find a square footage to spare. We can also help you with that. But if this does not work at all, renovating the office might be a good idea.

Patient’s Welfare – a Priority

Relocation might cause trouble on the part of your customers and employees. If these people love your current location, without any problem with access and parking, then it might be a good idea to simply find ways to renovate the office

Don’t even consider maintaining multiple medical facilities if you don’t want to inconvenience your patients. This will also be tougher on your administrative tasks, such as in admitting, billing, and other patient-related tasks.

How Monterrey Can Help

Monterrey Design Build Inc. has been helping hundreds of Torontonians since 2001. We have successfully renovated bathrooms and kitchens, expanded to a second floor or added a patio, among others. We will continue working on your doctor office until you are completely satisfied with the results. If you want to see possible renovation projects, come visit our website now!

Room Design for your Teenage Daughter

If you have children, the time will eventually come when they would like their bedroom space to feel a little more “grown up” than the child-friendly space you have once created for them. Your little girl is growing up and her bedroom could definitely use a makeover. You can use this time to teach her how to decorate and how to budget effectively.

Making over your daughter’s room does not have to be expensive. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can achieve a new look for her room without breaking the bank.

Room Design for your Teenage DaughterStart by discussing plans with your daughter. Feel free to invite her friends and listen to their ideas. You don’t have to agree on every little detail but use this time to communicate and share ideas. This will be a great time to bond while designing her new bedroom.

Your daughter will definitely need some new bedroom furniture. It may be expensive to get everything brand new so discuss it with her if this is not possible. Make her understand how much budget you are working with and you can share ideas how to maximize it.

Room Design for your Teenage Daughter

Photo credit to learn.rupertport.com

Find out what furniture she can do without and make room for new ones. Perhaps the old toy cabinet can be re-purposed as a book shelf or storage for other things. Discuss if she might want a bigger study area or a sleeping space to accommodate sleepovers with her best friends.

With budget in mind, come up with ingenious ideas that don’t require a lot of money. Consider giving the room a fresh coat of paint that is suitable for the young lady she is becoming. Rearrange the furniture. Visit flea markets and garage sales. Look for furniture that’s teen-appropriate but does not cost a lot.

Emphasize the importance of organization and storage. Decide which furniture, even items to keep or not to keep. Get organized before you start renovating or redecorating.

Remarkable Ideas for Basement Renovation


Even though a lot of people have conventionally modified their basement for an additional bedroom, there are still a lot of uses that can be integrated into finishing a basement for the reason of having an additional activity-based area. Below are a number of remarkable ideas for the renovation of the basement and the professionals that you should ask for help in order to finish the task efficiently.

Basement Comfort Room with Jacuzzi Tubs

A number of homes most especially the older ones usually have a single bathroom, thus the basement is certainly a good place to have a second bathroom installed. In order to spice up the bathroom, adding a Jacuzzi tub is definitely fun. It is definite that all of the family members will make use of that bathroom frequently than the older ones. You will necessitate the services of a plumber or a general contractor, in some cases, both professionals.

Basement Gym with Sauna

Without a doubt, the equipment needed for gyms are a bit pricey, especially if your gym is pretty spacious. And with regards to the sauna, you must also purchase some sauna kits, however, it is important that you install them properly and thus, the services of a general contractor or carpenter are needed.

Den or Library

Basements are perfect for this because they are quite in nature. Addition of painting, carpeting and walls are all responsibilities of a contractor, however, acquiring library shelves can be done all by yourself or can be installed by a carpenter on a “customized-made request basis”. Almost all of the carpenters who make book shelves have incredible ideas so as to make sure that the spaces will be utilized very well.

Computer Room

It is advisable that you create a replica of a school workstation computer room in order for everyone to make use of the computers anytime they want especially if there are at least four or more computers available. You do not only need to hire a painter and a general contractor, but you will also need to hire a flooring contractor.

Home Cinema Theatre

This is definitely the best choice you can make in your basement if most of the family members enjoy watching movies or shows at home. If you take delight on installing another kitchen that your family can use when watching movies, consider hiring a general and painting contractor as well as plumbing contractor.